The Road to Israel as it Unfolds – Part 2 “Progress”

IMG_4023This is the next step of our journey and hopefully the conclusion to our passport dilemma. At this point, things are looking pretty good.

So after signing off yesterday, the evening went by quite uneventful. We stopped for Blizzards at DQ just outside of Denton to celebrate being back on Texas soil and we also fueled up. By 9:30 we had reached our hotel, the Hyatt Place right next to DFW, compliments of Daniel and his ingenious points accumulation. What a nice son I have. 😊


After settling in, I slept halfway decently, resting in the assurance knowing we, along with our church family and friends, had lifted this need to our Heavenly Father. My alarm set for early rising.

6:55 am – My alarm goes off, and after a few minutes, I groggily look for the phone number to set up an appointment at the passport office. Since the offices open at 8:00, I take a chance that maybe the east coast is open already and that they will help me.


The lady who answers my call is very sweet and tells me that she can get us in today. At 8:00. It is the only appointment available. She transfers me to the Dallas office and another kind lady confirms my appointment and gives me my confirmation number. For several minutes she instructs me about which forms I would need (thankfully I had both sets printed) and tells me what to do including stapling the pictures on. Inside I’m all jumping up and down because in our last minute scramble out the door, I even managed to toss a stapler into my purse “just in case.” I tell her we may be a bit late since we are 25 minutes away and she makes a note of it. I hang up.

I can hear Cindy is already up and she’s digging through the suitcase looking for her things.

It’s 7:12. We now have very little time to get ready… and it takes 25 minutes to get to the Federal Building, and downtown traffic in Dallas can be pretty bad. I knew we had to move quickly plus we had some more forms to fill out. (we had filled out the wrong ones the night before) I mentioned how I wished Isaac could drive and he jumped up and said he would take us. Ten minutes later we are out the door, hair looking pretty ratty since we didn’t have proper time to do a good job and we had forgotten hair spray. But it didn’t matter. I was counting my blessings that we had gotten an appointment at all.

Off we sped, praying the traffic would be good, me filling out the needed forms in the back seat as Cindy navigated Isaac through traffic. Halfway through my forms I realized I was using a blue pen. Agh! I retraced everything I had done so far, feeling a little carsick but finishing up just as we pull into Commerce Street. The traffic was slow but it worked out quite well.


8:00 – Cindy and I step out on the curb in front of the Federal Building while Isaac parks. We manage to get through security quickly despite my very large purse holding a stapler and even a blue plastic knife. (I realized that later when Cindy asked for a knife to make a sandwich) They asked me if I had any guns, knives, pepper spray etc.


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Not this non- resistant Mennonite woman.

As we asked for directions, Cindy noticed Isaac coming through security already. He had found valet parking and had managed to catch us. We punched the elevator button to the 11th floor. Stepping off, we found the office we needed and were relieved to find the line to be quite short.

Half an hour later we were turning in Cindy’s paperwork and were promised that the passport would be ready by 2:30. The sweet lady who took Cindy’s application instructed that we come by 2:15 because the doors closed st 3:00. We left, me singing praises of thankfulness inside.


By 9:15 we are back at the hotel parking lot. Since we skipped breakfast, we stop at a neat little bagel shop called Einstein Bros. and eat.

By 9:51, I crawl back into bed.

11:30 – We text Daniel the good news. They’ve been sleeping almost til now. (Nathan and Adam are in their room too) While I wrote this, Cindy gave me a sandwich and along with some carrots she prepared for us at home yesterday. Isaac went out to get me a Mountain Dew. My dose of caffeine since I don’t drink coffee.

We are getting ready again and we will head out to see if that passport is done.

It’s interesting going to the Federal Building in Dallas, lots of memories… of waiting. I’ve been there 3 times in my short life. In 1977 we as a family had to go there when we applied for and received our green cards, we waited there all day. We went again in 1986 when my sister and I received our citizenship, and now. This was the shortest time waiting yet. Staff were very friendly.

We arrived at 2:00. The passport came out in small batches. One poor father with child in tow couldn’t wait long enough to manage both picking up the passport and making a 3:30 appointment for his daughter at 3:30. He said that the original passport for his daughter had her name spelled wrong, I had to push down feelings of anxiety at that info. Hopefully, my hasty form filling hadn’t been too sloppy.

3:15 – “Peters” is called, we walk up, Cindy checks her new passport for flaws. There are none. We thank the kind lady and inwardly do the happy dance!


Isaac is visiting with a man with the last name of Yoder, we head outside and enjoy the dry warm sunshine.

We picked up our suburban from the valet. (This valet was good)


I called Daniel with the happy news, and he enthusiastically congratulated us over a mouth full of burger.

On our way back I reflected on what Cindy had said earlier,  “I wasn’t really worried because I’m not alone. The last time I had problems (getting deported from Canada because she unknowingly agreed to shooting a wedding against Canadian rules) I didn’t have my family there.”

Isn’t that sweet. ❤

But really that’s how it is when we trust in our Heavenly Father. We are never alone. He is always with us… And I’m so thankful this story has a happy ending.

So now we are sitting in a Whataburger. Isaac prayed for our food and thanked the Lord for what He had done. My heart overflows with thankfulness for all the prayers on our behalf. Cindy looks contendly at her food and says.

“What a Burger!!”

Silly girl.

Now we are off to Grapevine Mall to do some fun stuff with the rest of the family.

Like buying hairspray.

And, Lord willing, we will be getting on that plane together.

Off to Israel.

-Blessings!-Susie IMG_4028




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