Ladders and the Little Things

A few days ago Kristina (our “adopted” daughter) and I cleaned up our Christmas decorations. Since we had the ladder inside, I decided it was time to hang up a picture I loved in a new place high above a ledge in our living room. It really shouldn’t have been so difficult. But apparently, it was.

I had my power drill, a pencil, a yardstick and screws. I even had those little plastic things to anchor into the wall. (if there wasn’t a stud) I felt prepared, but the snag in the whole plan was that I had to stand on an 8 ft. ladder (I’m afraid of heights) to do this work of “hanging the picture” AND I had to get it straight.

After the first try, it was crooked. I blamed on the fact that I couldn’t measure right with all the reaching. I drilled another hole. Still not straight. Up and down I went. Kristina would cock her head and say “It’s still a little crooked!” Of course I didn’t want to believe her, but yes. I agreed and would proclaim that I knew what was wrong. The holes started getting bigger, beside each other, on top of each other and the screws started to sag… Kristina had to keep holding my ladder lest I fall to a heap at the foot of it, and yet I drilled- Getting a little more careless and frantic in my screw placement.

Not good.

Why were we doing this in the first place? I had a clock hung in the same place before…

A round clock.

That didn’t need straightening.

But that required me bringing the ladder inside, moving the sofa, and climbing up to the top rung on the ladder every time we had a battery go out or the time changed. Very inefficient.

The clock looked nice hanging up there, but after my husband wondered if it was the “best idea” given the hassle I mentioned earlier,  I decided it wasn’t.

Thanks to my husband, I have my very own power drill, thanks to my mother’s example of having a pioneering spirit in building things and being my father taught me how to use tools on the farm, I don’t need to wait on the men of the house to help me with some of my “honey do” jobs. That’s nice.

Ok, back to the story.

I think Kristina figured out before me that things weren’t going very well. Isaac came home and saw me on the ladder, my holes in the wall, and encouragingly and hurriedly he said he didn’t care if the clock just hung where it had till now. I think he knew the wall had already sustained heavy damage.

The picture was heavy and awkward to hold.

By now the black paint from the back of the picture was rubbing onto the wall and some paint was coming off of the wall as well.

I gave up. Finally.

How could such a little thing like putting in a screw be so difficult! Thankfully, I was able to hang the clock up again and it covered up the holes. Problem solved.

Everything looks normal.

But I know what’s underneath, and now, so do you.

Although I really messed up my wall and failed to hang my picture properly, it took me awhile to admit and realize that it’s not THAT important to prove “I can do it,” and it’s not worth ruining my day.

Which, interestingly enough, is a lesson I had to remind myself just now. As I write this, we are speeding along towards Seminole, Texas and we’re scheduled to pick up my son’s fiancée, her sister (Rosa) and mother (Jolene) at the airport in Lubbock on the way. Plans are for me to host a bridal shower for Sarah Cover, my daughter-in-law to be. 🙂 I’m so glad her family could come! I spent the last few days purchasing items and trying to make it easy for myself since I’m coming from 9 hrs away, that would give me more time to visit.

Good plan I thought.

About halfway through my writing this though, and 2 hrs into my trip…

It hit me.

I forgot my sausage and cheese for the shower! I had gone to Kansas Station in Yoder just to have it sliced especially for the bridal shower. It didn’t take me very long to get upset with myself for forgetting my supplies and said as much on Facebook.

I texted my sister. She said I was “technically normal” and chirped “Welcome to the club!” I like her.

And as it often is, the Lord used this situation and someone to bless me. This time it was a young man for whom Isaac performed a wedding ceremony for 5 years ago. Not only did he offer me from their surplus of sausage, he encouraged me to “enjoy this busy wedding time.” Someone had encouraged them with these same words, he said, before their wedding. 😉

Hmmm… sounded hauntingly familiar. (Grin) Well taken.

Turns out, it was a different kind of sausage so we couldn’t use it. But, I was impressed again at how Christians love to help each other.  And of course, there’s always “Plan B” as someone suggested on Facebook. I agree.

And I’m reminded that the little things in life that go wrong that seem to matter so much…

Cannot only steal our times of enjoyment with other people, but they can steal our joy in Jesus.

If we let it.

Blessings! -Susie

“casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”
‭‭I Peter‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭

About 3 miles from the airport… And I have a very happy Daniel sitting beside me 🙂








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