Stepping onto the Ice

I feel a little bit apprehensive about starting something new, “testing the waters” so to speak. Writing is something that helps me put my thoughts in order. This blog won’t be about deep subjects,  I will probably avoid controversial ones being I don’t really care to debate. Not many ladies from my Russian Mennonite background like to engage in that kind of word exchange, it’s more like “fight or flight.” Healthy? Probably not. Wait, Seems like I brought a controversial topic already 🙂 but I rather choose to touch on stories and life lessons learned. Things the Lord has taught me. Things I’m still learning. I’m not a perfect grammar queen being that I use way to many metaphors from my Texan roots, so that will make this blog a little less mentally stimulating. My title “Stepping onto the ice” refers more to charting new waters.

When I was a girl, my family would go to Aylmer, Ontario about once a year to visit cousins etc.  I enjoyed going up in the wintertime because it meant snow. We were from West Texas so snow was a novelty. One day we were at my cousin Judy’s house and  she took my sister and I to “skate” on the ice in our snow boots. It was more like “scooting” than skating. Well, Judy informed us that we needed to test the ice. She was standing by a drainage pond beside the highway and slowly stepped on the ice holding onto the big pipe leading under the pavement and she called for us to join her. My younger sister Helen did. I, the fraidy cat, decided to “wisely” allow them to test the ice. After a few hops up and down, there was a crunching sound followed by two very surprised girls sinking/plopping down into the water by about 2 feet. Their boots filled with water. Ice water.They weren’t in danger, but I will never forget their desperate attempts at getting on to dry ground amid shrieks. Every time they stepped onto the ice it broke through to their horror. But, eventually they did make enough headway to reach solid ground and they ran exclaiming in loud high-pitched voices at how very cold they were. Their boots were full of water so they clumsily sloshed along…. Even with their slowed pace I couldn’t keep up because I was laughing so hard. Not nice I know. But they were such a fun pair to be with. They still are. I treasure them both.

So, by “stepping onto the ice” in my blogging, I might get my boots filled with water but I am going to try it anyway. My honey thought it was a good idea, and that makes me happy. My journey is not a normal one, but I feel it has been a good one. The Lord has allowed me to experience so much and I welcome you to walk with me. It is a journey of Jesus holding onto my hand.

It’s living life in the best of my “Swiss” and “Russian Mennonite Worlds” About transition. About friendship. About real life.

A journey of learning.

A journey of thankfulness.

About serving an awesome God and the little things.

And yes, the best is yet to come.

Blessings!! Susie

Our children, Nathan and Cindy on their way to Youth Banquet tonight




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